Saturday, March 12, 2011


  While we are busy making plans, there is more than ½ probability that we are simply materials of a bigger plan.
I will not go into the details of it. It’s probably all over the news, anyway. How a tsunami literally swept away Tokyo as of the 11th of March. It’s like one big giant broom cleaning out a city. If you still don’t know about it, well, damn you. For apparently, it's talk of the town. And along with it is the idea that the world might be ending. Great, right?
Before anything else, I want to ask you two questions. Which if you decide to answer, you are required to answer truthfully. One, are you afraid of the “end” of the world? And two, why?
If you answered a yes, and it is because of the possibility that you may die, then damn you again. Honestly, if the world is bound to end, and everyone is bound to die, would it still be your wish to live? Really, how selfish could you get?
Well, I couldn’t blame you. I’m not saying my answer was not a yes. When I heard the news about Tokyo, my initial reaction was: “Oh my God. I hope that doesn’t happen to us.” I guess it’s natural, our will to live.
But sometimes, it’s unfair.  First, it’s unfair that we lived, and they died. Second, it’s unfair that our reactions were basically NOT about them. Nakakaasar lang kasi takot na takot yung iba. Puro end of the world pinagsasabi. As if that will help the situation.

“Save us from the end of the world.” So far, of all my ugly prayers, this is the ugliest. Why not pray for the world to NOT end at all? Seriously, it bothers me. I mean, a lot of lives were taken, a lot are dead out there, and there must be a reason why we are still alive. Their deaths must mean something more. They must bring out something better in us than mere prayers for our own safety.
Why are we so pre-occupied about what might come in the future, that none of us even stop to think: why is this happening?
Don't tell me that this is just a mere coincidence that happened to kill a city. Na yung mga namatay, malas, at yung mga nabuhay, swerte. I'd like to believe this event has a purpose, that it is not completely meaningless.
Why can't we give the occasion a little bit of importance, and ask: WHAT IS THIS TSUNAMI FOR?

I know. This question is pretty hard to answer. What do I know anyway, what do we know? They say we, and every single occurrence in this world, are interconnected. But what if everyone and everything is just a part of the balance of things. What if we are born and things happen. For no real reason. What if. None of us, and none of all these events, truly mattered?

 But even with this kind of argument,  even if everything seemed meaningless, we have to realize that these events do not serve to give meaning to us, but rather we must give meaning to them. 

Sometimes, there is no sense into something unless we put sense into it. 
If we decide that we want the end of the world, then this Tsunami is just about what we need. But if we go for life, go for restoration, then this Tsunami is our way to trigger everyone’s attention. In this way, nothing becomes pointless. Every occurrence becomes significant.
But if we really want life, then why bring the end of the world into the picture? What's the point?  

Know this: tomorrow, we may always die. Maybe not from a Tsunami, or a storm, a landslide, an earthquake, or whatever. The thing is, the danger of death had always been there since we were given life. So let's quit the panic-mode and think rational.  Let's go over our fear, and trust, that the world is not yet ending. Find strength in each other, in God. Then come on. Let's do something! I know it's not as easy as I make it sound. But we can always try.

We were told that everything happens for a reason. But sometimes, we're not sure if it really does. So give a reason to this Tsunami by letting it be a source of inspiration. Do something. Don't wait for a catastrophe to hit to you before finally understanding what it means. Give it a meaning instead. 

Remember, love begets love. ;)

Speaking like this for the first time in years,

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